This is the CSRE-AMM 2210, automatic mask making machine. Available upon request, this custom build is can be ready in a matter of weeks. Our clients without a large skill base can really appreciate this machine as it eliminates the need for sewing skills and allows the operator to focus on efficiency.


Several of these are shipping out of our facility this week to an organization that will be fulfilling government contracts. The group has served the U.S. government since 1952 and has a long-standing reputation for quality and transparency. And although they employ plenty of skilled individuals, these machines will keep the production line running with less skilled operators. Sewing skills aren’t necessary when using this automatic mask sewing machine. However, this group wants consistent quality controls no matter who is working the machine. The CSRE-AMM 2210 is how they will deliver.

We know that there are hundreds of companies currently searching for the mask making machine that will give them a competitive advantage to acquire more contracts for the explosion in the PPE market. We also understand that there are plenty of other products with ample demand this year, and we can help with the design of something for your needs too.

If you look at this machine and think, “Well, I don’t need that, but something similar”, then you’re in the right place. C/SRE – Cutting Sewing Room Equipment Company has been consulting with the sewn products industry since 1969. Today, we operate as a consultancy for custom sewing automation and simpler custom machines that serve any size sewing room or factory floor. We are known to the public as C/SRE, Cutting Sewing Room Equipment, or online. Our Cutsew website is our main sales channel, but here we also offer manufacturer resources, information on our industry, and industrial sewing overall. We value our relationships with small producers, factories, and single operators. That’s why when you spend time with us determining what equipment will meet your goals, any consultancy fees we charge will be applied to the cost of the equipment, should you buy it from us.

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