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We bring you...SEWING...Industrial Sewing

There are plenty of distractions out there on the internet, but some of us are trying to run a business and turn to videos to expand our knowledge and get instructional videos. Enter Scene - The Cutsew YouTube Channel. That's right. We've actually been shooting video on our phones and posting it to the web, long before our phones were smart or had good cameras. We've also been posting this footage to the web for over seven years. Nowadays the quality is far better, but you should be able to watch even our oldest footage to understand more about what we can offer you. This is an old industry and we are trying to help bring it into the digital age by sharing what we do, make, and sell, all online and on our YouTube channel. Of course you can still call us, email us, or if you really want to - you can fax us. Probably not a lot of time left to do the latter though. 

We're stocking our channel with:
  • How-To & Instructional videos related to industrial sewing
  • Product Videos reviewing machine abilities
  • Custom Jobs for Custom Products
  • Industrial Cutting Products Available
  • Programmable and Automated Sewing Set-Ups
Our channel is designed to educate and help
  • Innovators 
  • Product Designers and Engineers
  • Fashion Designers
  • Sewing Production Managers
  • Tailors and Home Sewers
  • Sewing Product Purchasers

We'll show you how to do things more efficiently and how to take care of daily operations. Make sure to subscribe by clicking the button below and stay up to date in the industrial sewing world. Get inside information on automated sewing operations that no one else has ever done. We are constantly working with some of the most profitable American innovative companies on their sewn products. We'd like to share our resources with you no matter where in the world you may be. You might not want to shop with us online if you're located in India, but at least you can check out our video on how to assemble a Juki DDL8700 in a step by step fashion. We will be posting some of our videos here in our blog, but if you want access to all of them you will need to SUBSCRIBE to our YouTube Channel >>