SALE ENDS MONDAY  12/2 - Deep Discounts on Select Items!

Most of these prices are available for one weekend, for one time ever. Seriously, we may only offer these prices just this once. It might end up costing us more in shipping than we can afford, so enjoy shopping at CUTSEW this Black Friday - Cyber Monday for sure! We spent some time selecting what we hope you'll like in the items where we currently have a large stock. Here is a quick rundown of the specials you can take advantage of starting on November 29th. 

The K-240 Kingmax, ten-inch, scissors are a longtime customer favorite. If you've been considering a pair of the more expensive dragonfly brand you'll love these just as much for a fraction of the cost. Most of us here have our own pair either in the office or at our homes and they get plenty of use. They stay sharp and feel the same three years later as they did on day one.

The most popular size and color for industrial sewing is size 70 in black or white nylon. Size 70 is more commonly referred to as Tex 69. Tex 69 is used in most garments and soft home applications and can be used on almost any industrial sewing machine. So we have slashed the price for one day only on Tex 69 Nylon so you can stock up for quite some time.

The K-104 Thread Snips are the most durable and long-lasting snips that we offer. Utilizing ball bearings in the mainspring makes for smooth action. Nickel-plated steel keeps the finish clean which keeps the cutting precise. This is really all you can ask for from a pair of thread snips and we are giving it to you at our cost for one day only! Get a pair for yourself and a friend. 

The legendary Juki DDL-8700 is still on sale starting at just $650.00 for a fully assembled machine. All you have to do is plug it in and it's ready to sew. Of course, even with the special holiday pricing, you will have to pay to ship it, but that's all calculated for you in the promotion so you can see that even after shipping costs, we are offering the absolute BEST PRICE ANYWHERE for the FULLY ASSEMBLED JUKI DDL-8700. We buy more than most dealers, so we are passing our cost savings along to you - but only for a limited time!

The Juki DNU-1541S is an all-time favorite for both traditional industrial sewing and now more than ever, people interested in leather sewing. This machine has earned a great reputation throughout the years as have most Juki industrial sewing machines. However, this machine shows a new rise in popularity as the Etsy type business culture is driving more and more home sewing enthusiasts into leather sewing. It punches through leather easily and sews fast. And like any other Juki, this machine can last a lifetime if properly maintained. For one day only you can save a hundred bucks on this Juki walking foot machine.

For one day only, we have marked down the prices on all quantities of industrial sewing machine oil. Stock up and save this year. Be smart and buy enough to get you through 2020! One gallon sewing machine oil for $19.99 one day only. 32 ounces of sewing machine oil $11.95 for only one day. And 16-ounce sewing machine oil bottles are priced at only $6.95 for just one day! Oh, and what good would all this oil be without a way to distribute it properly? So we also marked down the oiler so you can get the little drops of oil just where you need them.

So some scissors and snips on sale just aren't going to cut it for you? We thought that might be a problem, so how about some wireless electric scissors? The KPS 100 cutter is on sale for just one day. Follow the link to see the price. These cutters can run through several plies of material without so much as a snag. If you're looking to increase speed or just keep your hand from cramping, these are an excellent solution. Tailors and Designers find these to be one of their "cannot do without tools" after using them on a project. They come with the blades and charger base -everything you need to get cutting fast.

For one day only we are offering a discount on the DDL-5550 which is the non-identical twin to the DDL-8700. The DDL-5550 is made at the Juki factory in Japan. Whereas the Juki DDL-8700 is made at the Juki factory in China. That is the main difference between the two models. The Juki DDL-5550 has a slightly more squared-off look. Beyond that, you are just looking at a higher manufacturing cost, which of course means a higher price tag. However, you can knock off ten percent off your cost starting on November 29th for this first time ever Black Friday sale at Cutsew.

We have another popular electric cutter. It is NOT on sale. We already have the PC-700 selling for as low as we can go. However, we have a huge surplus of blades right now and can offer a holiday deal on the PC-701F Blades! Stockpile these if you use the PC-700. You won't see this special anytime again soon - if ever.

Lastly, we thought it might be nice to create an Industrial Sewing Holiday Gift Bundle for the industrial sewing pro in your life. This Holiday package many of the non-sewing machine items mentioned in this article. This is a one day deal only!