The Walking Foot Machine is NOT a Mysterious Beast

Everybody wants a walking foot machine, but nobody wants the price-tag. Well, guess what, you may be able to have your cake and eat it too. Recently Juki released a machine to fit the need and the budget. First, let's talk about what a walking foot machine is. A walking foot has a triple action material feed. The triple feed is comprised of three parts;

  1. Bottom Feed - the feed dog that moves material from below.
  2. Top Feed - There is a two-piece outer and inner foot that walks alternately - like two little feet moving along.
  3. Needle Feed - Walks in unison with the inner foot, also advances material along.
    The Triple Feed allows riding up over ridges in material for situations like big folds. Different parts of the feed can be adjusted to be gentle or just tug material through. And it can certainly handle THICKER material than a lil' ol' straight stitch machine. **QUICK QUIZ** Is the Juki DDL-8700 a walking foot machine? NO. AND IT WILL NEVER BE. 

    So what about the DU-1181N? Is it a walking foot? The quick answer is no. It has both a Top and Bottom Feed, but the center of the foot and needle do not advance. Since the center of the foot and needle do not advance, it's up to the outer foot and the feed dog to pull the material through the stitch. If you're 70 years old, you make recognize it as a scuff feed. So what does this mean? The Juki DU-1181N can handle THICKER material, but it's less forceful than a true walking foot. This feature makes it less abrasive and best for fine leathers, velours, and other thick, yet delicate materials. Want to see what it can do with the thick and thin stuff? Watch the video below!

    Still Feel like you don't know the difference in the two different types of feeds? Learn in just 60 seconds the difference between a walking foot -VS- a Top & Bottom Feed. We pair off the Juki DU-1181 -VS- the DNU 1541 in this short video.