With our experience in the industry, chances are we’ve seen it, heard of it, sold it, or fixed it. If your question isn’t answered here, then just give us a call.

What qualifies for FREE SHIPPING? 
When we are running the Free Shipping Promotion, Orders over $100.00 that we can ship via ground shipping services, under 30 pounds, will ship for free. 

Do you offer Financing? 
Yes, we offer financing through a 3rd party - ACG Finance. You can follow the link for details on our financing >>  

We don't like it any more than you do. There are several factors that go into freight shipping. 
  • Shipping to a residential address has a higher cost from truck companies
  • Trucking companies also charge extra for lift gates. 
  • Freight shipping usually starts at about $100 and goes up based on distance
These three reasons are why it costs around $300 bucks to get your sewing machine shipped. We are a small company, yet we don't make any money from shipping. We make our money from being a professional vendor with special pricing from the manufacturers. The better we represent their brands and the length of our relationship with them determines the price we pay for the machines. So since we've been in business so long, we have formed great partnerships that allow us to profit a reasonable amount from the markup on the machines. If we could never deal with shipping again we would drop it altogether. Great industrial sewing excites us. Not freight shipments.

When will my sewing machine arrive? 
 Upon receiving your order, we pull machine parts from the shelves and move them from our warehouse to our internal mechanic shop. From there, our sewing technicians will assemble the table, legs, and machine. It will be tested by sewing stitches into some scrap fabric. If it any adjustments are needed, they will be made at this point. Meanwhile, the front office is making arrangements for your delivery truck.  Your fully-assembled machine moves back to the warehouse where it will be secured to a shipping pallet, wrapped in plastic, and weighed out for the trucking company. By the time the truck arrives, it has been 2 or 3 business days since your order was placed, and your new machine is finally on its' way to you. When it gets to you from this point is based on distance, truck delivery schedules and other external factors. The short answer about when you'll get your machine is about 5-8 business days. If you need to know an exact delivery time, just contact us. We'll figure it out and we can go from there. 

Can I use my Tax ID when purchasing? 
Absolutely. We work mostly with businesses. Please create a customer account and plug in your appropriate tax id information. 

Thread Color Accuracy 
There will be subtle differences between what you see on your screen and what you get on a spool. Note a few things; 
A) All computer monitors display slightly different colors 
B) Thread manufactures’ batches vary ever so slightly
C) Bonding makes a spool look darker until it is machine sewn
If you are selecting a wide array of colors and need the tightest accuracy, we recommend you get a thread color swatch book to preview the thread in hand, instead of on a computer screen.

Can I return thread that isn't the correct color?
Only if we send you the wrong color than what was ordered. You can prevent these issues by ordering a thread color swatch book if you need tight controls on your thread colors.

I need a more specialized machine that what is listed here on the website.
We have kept our offerings simple on the website to lessen confusion. We have many more machines and can procure any machine you may need. An example may be that you need something other than our standard ¼” needle gauge. Call us for other available sizes.

I need support after I get my new machine. Can you help?
In short, yes. Most businesses who purchase a new industrial sewing machine are not buying their first. Therefore, we are not in the tutorial business. However, if you are having issues with a machine you got from us, we will provide support. Sometimes that is a phone call, sometimes it’s a visit to your facility by a mechanic. So yes, we support our customers.

New sewing machine scratched during delivery
Always inspect the sewing machine BEFORE signing for it. There will probably be small scuffs or scratches to the table legs or tabletop during shipping. This is normal for industrial shipping. However, on very rare occasion, there is real damage done to a machine during transit. 

Should I inspect the machine at delivery? YES.
Always inspect the sewing machine BEFORE signing for it. Small scratches are normal for industrial transit. However, rare cases (about one every 5 years) there is real damage to the functionality of the machine. Reject the delivery. We will then help you get a new machine. Remember that the Bill of Lading is a legal document stating that the shipment was received in good condition. Always inspect the sewing machine BEFORE signing for it. If you sign for a non working machine we will not be able to dispute it with the trucking company.

What Happens if my machine has suffered substantial damage during transit?
Inspect the machine upon delivery. If it is damaged, DO NOT sign for it. Simply reject the delivery.  If you failed to inspect before accepting the delivery and there is significant damage, then take photos, and document the damage.  In these cases we will have to get together with you and determine an approach to resolving the issue with the delivery company in question. We want to make sure you get a good delivery, but we cannot just eat the cost. We are a business.

Can you deliver outside the continental United States?
Yes, but you will need to give us a phone call in order to set this up. Purchase your machine here online if you wish and select pick up as the shipment option. We can set up shipping afterward when you call. 

What are your Restocking Fees?
25%. See the Return Policy for important details. Thanks for your understanding.

Can I pick up the machine I ordered? YES.
We have a loading dock where you can pick up your machine during our regular business hours. We will give you a hand putting it on your truck. 

Do you repair industrial sewing machines? YES.
But not every machine is able to be repaired. We don’t work on antique sewing machines – sorry. We are happy to take a look at your machine and can usually have it back to you in a day or two if we don’t have to order some obscure part.

Can you get an obscure industrial part for me?
Probably, we’ll need some information first. The part number and machine model number would be the best clues. If you have already searched google and come up empty, then give us a call. Keep in mind that we will need information to find your part.