Product Description

  • Machine is assembled complete with table, K-Leg stand, and Brother electronic control box
  • Beautiful sewing and easy to adjust sewing functions
  • Stable sewing quality with digital tension
  • Extremely low noise and vibration for operator-friendly sewing
  • Overwhelmingly superior productivity with the world's fastest cycle time
  • High energy saving
  • Easy maintenance
  • Clean sewing with semi-dry type
  • User-friendly operations panel
  • Environment-conscious
  • 3,200 stitches per minute maximum sewing speed
  • 40mm x 30mm sewing area
  • 5,000 stitches per pattern maximum
  • Flash memory data storage (Any sewing pattern can be added by SD card)
  • 89 pre-set sewing patterns with storage for up to 512 patterns
  •  17mm maximum work clamp height

*** Model subject to change without notice


Brother KE-430H Electronic direct drive lockstitch bartacker

Pricing and Production Time
Price: $4,950.00