Product Description

  •  Single needle, unison-feed, lockstitch with double capacity hook
  • Intended for use with leather and other heavy weight products
  • Large needle bar stroke
  • Higher presser foot lift
  • Newly adopted double-tension mechanism
  • When the thread is caught in the hook, the safety mechanism will automatically operate to prevent the machine from being damaged
  • Excellent sewing capabilities and responsiveness
  • Rectangular feeding motion for consistent feeding of materials of all thicknesses without stitch gathering
  • 2,500 stitches per minute maximum
  • 9mm maximum stitch length
  • 16mm presser foot maximum (by knee)


Juki DNU1541S Walking Foot Sewing Machine offers the Jukiserger DNU1541S Walking Foot Sewing Machine online. These are single needle feed and walking foot. It also has Safety Clutch Button right of needle plate for Retiming.
Pricing and Production Time
Price: $1,599.00