The Best Industrial Grade Sewing Machine 

Kansai Special is a Japanese company that manufactures sewing machines and other textile machinery. It was founded in 1918 and is headquartered in Amagasaki, Hyogo Prefecture, Japan. Kansai Special is known for producing a wide range of sewing machines for various applications, including industrial, commercial, and home use. The company's products include lockstitch sewing machines, chain stitch sewing machines, overlock sewing machines, and embroidery machines. Kansai Special is known for its high-quality, reliable sewing machines and has a reputation for producing innovative, advanced technology products. The company has a global network of sales and service centers and exports its products to more than 150 countries around the world.

Kansai Special produces multi-needle machines with needle counts ranging from one to twelve, eighteen, and twenty-three. Their pullers and metering devices are well regarded, making them a popular choice for elastic and tape operations, as well as automatic and manual waist banding, on both their flatbeds and cylinder beds. Knits, activewear, spandex, and other garments that require multiple needles are common applications for Kansai's multi-needle machines. Industrial sewing machines are specialized sewing machines that are designed for use in industrial settings, such as factories, clothing manufacturers, and other mass production facilities. They are typically larger and more powerful than home sewing machines and are built to handle high volumes of work and a wide range of materials. Industrial sewing machines can be used to sew a variety of items, including clothing, bags, shoes, and other products made of fabric, leather, and other materials.

There are many different types of industrial sewing machines available, each designed for specific applications. Some common types of industrial sewing machines include:

Lockstitch sewing machines: These are the most common type of industrial sewing machine, and are used to create a basic stitch by interlocking two threads.Chainstitch sewing machines: These machines create a chain-like stitch that is stronger than a lockstitch and is often used for seam reinforcement. Overlock sewing machines: These machines create an overlock stitch, which is a type of seam that wraps around the edge of the fabric to prevent fraying.Embroidery machines: These machines are used to create decorative embroidery on fabric.

Industrial sewing machines are usually more expensive than home sewing machines, but they are built to withstand heavy use and are generally more durable and reliable. They are essential tools in many manufacturing and production settings.