What do I need to go along with my new Industrial Sewing Machine?

The answer is, of course, it depends on what you intend to create and which Juki you are using. However, we have been in the business of listening to our customers since 1969. They have requested the same handful of parts over and over throughout the years. In response, we put together some kits that our clients find essential to each Juki that we sell. So far we have made a kit for the DDL-8700 and the DU-1181. Both of these kits are valued at the sum of the parts that they include. To simplify our orders, and your needs, we're offering them to you at the cost of about $50 bucks. So not only are you getting the essential sewing machine parts for your machine, but you are also saving around 20% when you purchase the kit, versus purchasing each item individually. We know it's a simple idea. We hope this fast tracks your buying experience and gets you sewing faster and with more confidence, knowing you'll have what you need on hand. Lastly, we're now compiling the parts to make the DNU-1541 kit too. Stay tuned!