The new JUKI DDL-8000 has arrived at CUTSEW!

We're not quite sure how to put this, but this is a really big deal. This is the most epic release from JUKI in decades! Everyone knows and loves the Juki DDL-8700 and so many folks want the automated features of the Juki DDL-8700-7, but really balk at that price increase. Well, things have changed with this new straight stitch machine! The list of features is longer than the dash seven, and the price is set far lower! So who is this machine really for? We'll tell you all about it and let you decide. Check out the video below for a full review. And remember, when you buy from CUTSEW, it comes fully assembled and calibrated, so all you have to do is plug it into a regular 110V wall outlet and turn it on!

The efficient and intuitive Juki DDL-8000A design includes; auto thread-trimmer, auto foot-lift, up to 5,000 SPM, auto back-tack, programmable bar-tack, and even box sewing programs! The machine interacts with the user by voice prompts. It will tell you when the oil level is low and ask you to refuel. Once you add the oil, it resets automatically. The voice also prompts you when the bobbin is about to run out of thread and many other features. Data is easily managed, and software is easily updated by the use of USB ports. There is a built-in light with five levels. Some of the holdover controls from the manual machines are the; stitch width adjustment knob, thread tension knob, and presser foot adjustment screw. It has one of the most responsive pedals that increases or decreases speed rapidly with just a slight adjustment of your foot. With its' 13mm auto foot-lift, you won't have to worry if it can sew through thick materials. Just make sure you have a sturdy needle for multiple layers. Juki also moved the back-tack button to the head of the machine, but you've still got the old lever if you prefer. There is also the addition of a half stitch button at the head of the machine, so the operator can get in tight spots and make exact stitches. All these features and the constant reliability of the Juki brand make this a real game-changer for sewists everywhere. It's already taken off in popularity throughout Australia and Pakistan. The seam quality, speed, and ease of use might make it the American favorite soon too.

This machine is really incredible before you even consider the price. Of course, it costs more than the manual machines but rings in at almost $500 bucks below the 8700-7, which has been the factory favorite of automatic straight stitch machines for many years. In this more modern market space, with its' innovative competition, we see Juki step their game up with this new automatic straight stitch machine. Especially since it outpaces competitors with its bar-tack and rectangular sewing features. Although it came out in 2019, most of us were waiting to see what new models rose to the top, then we all got distracted by the events of 2020. So, while it might not be the newest of news, it has risen to the top as one of the most impressive designs to date. We're really impressed and know you will be too!