Why so much for shipping an industrial sewing machine?

Once upon a time you people had to carry a walkman, a calculator and a pocketful of quarters to do just a few things that you can do today with just that smartphone in your pocket. Also, way back then gas was under a buck a gallon. So what does this have to do with the price of rice in China? Well, as it turns out - everything. The world operates on a global economy and that means that mass production of industrial sewing machines in Asian countries, plus distributors online in the United States, equals the unique ability for you to have an industrial sewing machine delivered to your home. This has not always been something you could do. In fact, it has only been in the last few years that you could just go on the web and order a DDL-8700 and have it shipped to your house. If you're the type of person who gets frustrated on a flight when your phone is having slight trouble streaming a movie at 30,000 feet, then you might be annoyed by the simple process we have for getting your order. If though, you have grown up a little over the last forty years, then you might be able to hold it together when purchasing a new Juki. 

You came here to learn about shipping costs on an industrial sewing machine and here it is. If you’re a home sewer, and now you’re ready to upgrade to commercial-grade, there are really just two main points to consider. Industrial sewing machines are big and heavy. B) Trucking companies charge a premium. That’s just how it is, but let’s break this down all the way.

Since these machines are big and heavy – starting around 150 pounds -they cannot ship via FedEx, UPS and definitely not the U.S. post office. Of course, if you're local to our Atlanta location you can pick up yourself. Pick up is easy. Just order the machine on CUTSEW.com and we’ll contact you about the pick-up time – often times the same day. Of course, this results in zero cost delivery fee for you. 

Having it delivered is even easier. When ordering your machine, just select your address type from the option box on the right. 
  • Residential
  • Commercial without Dock
  • Or Commercial
Once you have paid for your order, we will go to the hassle of selecting the correct type of trucking that will deliver your machine.

Any freight truck can deliver to a commercial address with a loading dock making it the cheapest option. However, if you don’t have a dock at your business, they have to send a special truck with a liftgate. This is going to cost a little extra. And finally, if you are having your new machine delivered to your residential address, you’re going to pay for the lift gate feature, and a fee to have the trucking company divert their driver into a residential area. This is the most costly option for freight delivery. 

You might be thinking, well I’ll just scour the web for a better deal than $942.00 to have a DDL-8700 delivered to my house. Well, you might find a slightly better deal out there, but who are you really buying from? A 50-year-old company who is a certified Juki dealer? or some weird little website or Amazon vendor who is just one guy selling stuff out of his mom’s basement? And we price our machines low, because we know shipping is such a pain. We’re always just a phone call away and we’re eager to help!