As you might imagine, we sell automated cutting supplies for your larger operations working with CNC machines. Since the paper industry does not commit to hard pricing, bulk paper supplies are treated more like a commodity instead of a retail product. Unfortunately, we cannot just list all of the cutter supplies for sale on the website. If you are searching for a new supplier to partner with you will want to reach out directly. Get a quote today. Call C/SRE at 1-800-241-4953 and ask for Mike. We've been in business for over 50 years. We can help. Here is what we are offering. Be sure to call us even if we haven't listed what you need. We can source man materials competitively with our 50-year-old industrial relationships.

Polyoverlay / poly sheeting is a durable plastic that is used on automated cutting equipment and is sheet rolled onto a core for convenience of use. Our poly sheeting is offered in both low-density and high-density films and is available in a variety of gauges and stock widths. Custom gauges and sizes are available upon request.

Our wax paper finish allows for easy, smooth cutting, creating clean lines and edges. The wax also helps keep the knives lubricated during the cutting process, making a more efficient process with less stopping. It also helps keep cutting papers from sticking to the product being cut.

Separating tissue is a lightweight tissue paper used to separate fabrics during cutting processes. We offer a lightweight and evenly converted high yield tissue, ensuring fast-spreading and perfect airflow when used on vacuum cutters. The colored contrast between fabric layers helps distinguish bolts and lots during the cutting process. Our separating tissue comes in a few colors, widths, lengths, and thicknesses, and custom sizes are available upon request.

Get a quote today. Call C/SRE at 1-800-241-4953 and ask for Mike.