In the face of the Corona Pandemic, many garment and non-apparel makers are shifting their focus to sew personal protective equipment such as masks and gowns. It should be noted that most of these companies are giving these supplies away. Of course, the press will help their businesses - if they survive this trial. The larger companies have a better chance of holding out, however smaller companies might not be so lucky. Motives vary as to why these organizations have shifted from profitable products to making masks to donate. One story we heard was about an organization that made the change over in their factory just to keep their employees working on essential items. Others are sewing and taking donations so they don't completely go in the hole for all the PPE's they are making. Some, simply want to give because they are in the position to do so. Regardless of why they are giving out the protective equipment, this is altruism in a time when it's needed most. We offer our respect and thanks to all who participate in these efforts. Below we link to some of these stories in an effort to spread the word about the attempts to help while asking for nothing in return. 

Individuals and organizations reading this may wonder what the officials are saying about producing the protective masks. Here is what the CDC has published about facemask production. 

CDC Mask Facemask >>

Altruistic PPE Efforts in the News

We Also Want To Do Our Part

In the last two weeks, Cutsew has been lucky enough to provide guidance, parts, and machines to sewing operations in our area and help them make the change over to producing P.P.E.s. We'd like to extend our reach beyond just our local area. Since you may need to buy in bulk right now, we're offering 12% Off bulk purchases of 50 plus items at checkout. Also, we put together a free mask pattern download and a tutorial video on how to make a mask. We're a small company trying to do our part and we see that the free mask pattern and video have been helping. We hope these purchase discounts will help as well!
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There are plenty of challenges for most people during this strange time. It is really inspiring to see so many groups in our industry that are taking the reins and doing great things for a world that really needs it. Best of luck out there and stay safe.