Due to overwhelming conditions, medical masks are in high demand and our first responders are running out. If you'd like to help, here is a simple, pattern and instructional video to help you get to work. Of course, this is not as effective as the N-95 certified mask. However, it's better than nothing according to the CDC, and Reuters did a fact check. This triple-thick style is more effective than just any design. For added performance, carefully consider your materials. Supposedly a vacuum cleaner bag is close to the N-95 material, however, it is noted that it may be too difficult to breathe through. We have been instructed that PRESHRUNK 100% tightly woven cotton, able to endure HOT wash, is best.  Next in line for effectiveness is descending order:
  • tightly woven, 100% Cotton 
  • Cotton Blends
  • 100% Cotton
  • Antimicrobial Pillowcase
  • Pillowcase
  • Linen
We're all in this together and if you would like to donate to a sewing operation that is producing and giving these masks away to hospitals and 1st responders, click the link below and show your support.