Cutting Sewing Room Equipment Company Inc. is located at 1816 Briarwood Industrial Ct. Atlanta, Georgia USA 30329

Call us locally at 404-321-3607

Cutting Sewing Room Equipment Company celebrates fifty years of excellence in support of the sewn products industry with a revamp of the brand. Our industry has evolved so much just since the nineties. The marketplace where you and your customers now shop is now online.

Catalogs are now a thing of the ancient past. Industry events like trade shows are rare. Many professionals are turning to the web for what was once commonplace knowledge. It’s just the new landscape. This is the way business is done now. And we are adjusting to fit.

We don’t have the flying cars from the Jetsons, but we do have the ability to browse and purchase business tools at our fingertips - sometimes in our pockets. So the reason we are changing from Cutting/Sewing Room is that none of our newer customers know the terminology. We can’t call ourselves sewn products support, because most of the industry moved overseas. We would need to translate our title into a dozen languages.

We’re not just modernizing our name online though. CUTSEW, Industrial Cutting & Sewing Equipment is our new online identity to streamline our services. The best products without the hassle. Of course, you can still call, but we’re offering information and products here so you don’t have to. So whether you are with us in person, over the phone, or online, our aim is always the same; help you find exactly what will help you best.

CUTSEW is trusted in the industry because of our roots. Want to know our secret to success? In supporting the industry since 1969, we have felt it’s most important to do just two things. One; Sell the best Machines and supplies. Two; Provide the best customer service so you always come back. We hope our new website will help you wherever in the world you may be. From a box of needles to an entire factory - we would love to help you!